Susan's sketchbook log: Buenos Aires


Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Iglesia Matriz, Colonia del Sacramento, UruguayStrangely enough, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay is usually on the list of the top 10 sights of BA. Go figure.

It IS only 50km across the river which the fast Buquebus ferry covers in about an hour. It's one hour ahead of BA on the clock and about 400 years behind in look and feel. It was founded by the Portuguese in 1680 and the historic quarter is now a World Heritage Site.

The lighthouse (below) sits in 17th century convent ruins. Never did quite figure that out.

Some people do it as a fast day trip, but I spent the night at a posada and enjoyed taking my time to wander around and enjoy the slow pace and quiet.

I did go back to BA from here, but will end this sketchbook here. I've got more sketches and will post some on the blog.

Faro, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay