Susan's sketchbook log: Banff


Sunshine: 8km

At Bow LakeDuring this week in mid-May, a guy from Alberta was exclaiming about this amazing shoulder season weather (when did spring become "shoulder season"? ick). I was taking drinks out on the terrace at 6pm for granted, and therefore quite surprised that at 10am the next morning, some 50km north, snow was falling.

Passed an Exit/Sortie sign that said: Sunshine 8km. I was sorely tempted to go for it.

Lots of places claim to have "four seasons in a day" or "stick around for five minutes and it'll change," but Banff National Park took this to new levels. After the 10am snow, I had lunch at a picnic table and got a little hot in the sun. With my turkey sandwich, I had Ketchup-flavoured chips and maple cookies -- both new but rather nice taste sensations.

All too soon, it was time to shuttle back to Calgary. I hated to leave, but was running out of green and blue paint - not really a surprise, eh?

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