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MarseilleThe Marseillaise

WIth my neighbor proclaiming it "the most beautiful city," I can't pass up Marseille. Took the "car" into town, only about a 40-minute trip. The "car" is really a bus, but more like a tour bus than an intercity bus, so I guess that explains the terminology.

Marseille was baking under an October sun and the air was heavy with dust as they are building a tramway right down the middle of La Canabière to the VIeux Port. I walked up and down the streets (and stairways -- are Smart cars allowed on them?) of Le Panier, the old section of Marseille.

On Saturday the Old Port is the home of what has to be one of the largest and most scenic flower markets west of Nice. Then there's a fish market right next to it. An interesting olfactory pas de deux.

The building at left on Castellane was drawn quickly as I waited for the "car" to return to Cassis. It turned out I could have sketched out the whole street as it never showed up and, despite assurances from all the locals standing around that it WOULD appear at some time, I eventually gave up and took the metro back to Gare St. Charles and from there the train home to Cassis.

Up above Cassis is a thirteenth century chateau that dominates the hillside. It seemed to have an Italian flavor to me. I read that the Michelin family owned it and now it turns out that at least part of it is a small B&B -- to the tune of € 690 for those of you interested in a room with a view.


Cassis harbor and chateau
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