Susan's sketchbook log: Tuscany


Villa Marsili, breakfast buffetTime is Relative

Everyone is kind and charming at the Villa Marsili. The breakfast buffet is certainly four-star and a meal that is swallowed at the computer at home stretches out to at least an hour here. And anyway, the next cappuccino is several hours away, by the time the caffes in town start setting out their tables around 10am.

You can have a sort of healthy breakfast, or you can dive into the scrumptious pastries. I do well until I discover that the criss-crossed rectangles are really pain au chocolat, with powdered sugar on top. Add an extra loop up to Santa Margherita for that.


Below the city walls (those aforementioned Etruscan walls) are a pair of churches. Below is S. Maria Nuova -- the NEW St Mary's -- built in the 1500s. | sklog home | previous | next

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