Susan's sketchbook log: Tuscany


Piazza della RepubblicaThe center of the world

At some point, every day, I end up in Piazza della Repubblica, the main square of Cortona, for some quality caffe time.

There's a paintable view in every direction: heaven. Also, as in all of town, a lot of birds. Today one drops a present on my shoulder. I come up with the Italian for "bird" and it doesn't take much more to communicate my problem to the waiter, who laughs and lets me use his wet rag to remove the bulk of the damage.


Rain, rain, go away

I felt sorry for the locals when Republic Day arrived and the weather turned cold and rainy for their three day weekend.

The waiters at Caffe degli Artisti ( how could I NOT go to the "Artists' Cafe"??) had nothing to do but look out at the street, and the few people passing by under umbrellas. | sklog home | previous | next

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