Susan's sketchbook log: Cuba


Welcome to the revolution

Che Guevara sculpture, Plaza de la Revolucion, HavanaAfter arriving at Jose Martí International, our first stop in Havana was - what else? - La Plaza de la Revolución and its steel sculpture of Ché (left), mounted on the Ministry of the Interior. I doubt many Cuban's first photos in the U.S. are of the CIA building.

From there on to our lodging at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba, a national monument and THE place to stay back in the day, decades before the embargo. After a historical tour and a welcome mojito in the Galeria Bar (below), took one of the 1930 elevators (with new motors, we were assured) up to my room, with its two caned rocking chairs and view on the Malecón, the seafront promenade.



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