Susan's sketchbook log: India


A Dilly of a City

India GateDelhi, known locally as Dilli, is an immediate assault on all senses. Never mind arriving in the middle of Diwali, the Hindu five-day festival of lights. Exiting Indira Gandhi International Airport at 5.30am, the air was still smoky with the aftermath of fireworks.

With throngs of locals out for a Sunday family picnic, went to India Gate, which commemorates soldiers who died fighting for the British Raj. Incorporated into my collage of it is the "O" in President Obama's signature. The Obamas' visit here was covered extensively, including copies of entries he made in the visitor book of Rajghat and other sites.

Qutub Minar, the world's tallest brick minaret, is one of the earliest examples of Indo-Islamic architecture and marks the place where Islam entered India.

I parked myself in the shade of one of several pavilions on the site and sketched this view of the madrassa (Islamic school).


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