Susan's sketchbook log: Nice and the Cote d'Azur


The best €1 deal on the planet

building on Blvd. Riquier

Some time back the powers that be made the decision to standardize all the bus/tram fares to €1. So it's one euro to take the bus up to the Matisse Museum; one euro to go within a few miles of the Italian border to Menton; one euro to go to Antibes or the picturesque villages of Eze, Vence and St. Paul. And all of those buses had stops at the port, to boot. It was easier (and cheaper) than my getting a bus at home to downtown.

Had a bit of a wait for the bus to Eze-Village one Saturday morning, so started sketching the building across from the bus stop. It had a couple of garage entries; I made the assumption it was nothing special before I ever really looked at it. And then, the more I actually looked/sketched, the more I realized it was rather elegant.

Bus #100 Nice to Menton for one euro
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