Susan's sketchbook log: Sicily & Malta


Here Comes the Bride

Duomo, CataniaVespaSeptember must be "Sicily's June" -- everywhere there was a wedding. Wedding parties were spilling out of every church, being photographed on every scenic piazza, having dinner on the hotel terrace. Tour guides inside the great cathedrals were trying to discuss history in between beats of "The Wedding March." It got to the point that when I saw a wedding dress in a shop window in Palermo, I figured it must be the last one left unpurchased on the island.

The real highlight was going into the San Francesco church in Palermo to check it out. Nothing really caught my attention and it seemed empty. The café in the piazza right outside was empty too, so I sat down and ordered a coffee. Only to see wedding party members come spilling out the front of the church.. on and on they came... they were like scarves coming out of a magician's sleeve. And then to top it off, they just poured right onto the café terrace and the bride plopped down at the table next to me, all ordering espresso. I took a photo of her before leaving them to their ... celebration? recovery? I live eight minutes from Starbucks HQ, but I have to admit this took me by surprise.

Maybe if I had waited around, the bride might have sped off on with her groom on the back of a red Vespa. THEN my day would've been complete! | sklog home | previous | next

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