Susan's sketchbook log: Sicily & Malta



Luzzi at MarsaxlokkAnd then there was Marsaxlokk (pronounced Marsa-schlock).

Any shlock painted here is definitely the fault of the artist, not the scene. The harbor is famous for the large number of luzzi and that's what brings us lugging our palettes and easels.

A luzzu is a fishing boat -- the design reportedly dates back to the Phoenicians -- painted in shades of yellow, red, green and blue. It's bad luck to change the family's painting scheme and to further counter any bad luck, the bow is painted with the Eyes of Osiris.

The view at left was done while I waited for lunch at 3.30pm at one of the cafes lining the harbor, after a long but productive painting session.

And then it was back to "the city." Below, a quick panorama of the capital of Valletta and its fortifications, done on the ferry boat over to Sliema.

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