Susan's sketchbook log: Arizona

Pueblo Grande Indian Market


Walks on the Wild Side

I go to the annual Pueblo Grande Indian Market, held in South Mountain Park. It's connected with the Pueblo Grande Museum and a docent takes us on a petroglyph walk; they were all drawn sometime between 850 and 1420 A.D. by a people called the Hohokam. They are worthy of a return trip, where brother Jeff and his daughter Victoria spot even more.

Later, I go walking on the nature trail near the ranger station. All alone, I suddenly hear scruffling noise and see not far in front of me what appears to be some sort of wild pig. Some sort of very husky wild pig. Horror stories of wild boar charges hum through my brain as I start inching backward. Actually, it's a javelina. Apparently they have a bad rep because of their ridiculously long canine teeth needed to eat prickly pear cactus, but are actually somewhat timid. Uh-huh.

Kamo River

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