Susan's sketchbook log: Arizona


bunny ear


Familiar Fronds

I'm not even sure the palm trees in my adopted neighborhood are local -- though most plantings certainly seemed to be -- so I assume so.

My Southwest Trees and Plants book didn't mention them. But maybe that's because even visitors can identify them and the limited space is better devoted to ocotillo and palo verde and mesquite.

While they have very interesting trunks and limbs, the "wispiness" of these denizens of the desert I found hard to capture. So, for backyard doodles, I stuck with these guys.

All too soon, time to pack up the paints, leave the lovely house in Ahwatukee and head back to the land of evergreens and the rain that grows them. En route I'll gain one hour and lose forty degrees. Ugh. Hardly a fair exchange.


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