Susan's sketchbook log: Arizona


cherry blossoms


The Painted Desert

Spending some quality winter time in the Valley of the Sun, I find more green than I expect, but not the greens of the Pacific Northwest. I just have my traveling watercolor set with me and struggle to find the right combinations of blues and yellows.

And then there are the cacti. So, it's different colors AND different shapes. My first saguaros remind me a bit of Gumby voodoo dolls.

My first week here I go on the Scottsdale Art Walk with my friend Jo and see what the other artists are doing with the desert. You could count on one hand the number of landscapes without at least one saguaro or prickly pear. There's about the same number of watercolors in the galleries. Hmmm... that's a worry. I figure it's going to be quite a change in drying time.

So, I guess I'd better figure out how to tackle this thorny problem. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)


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