Susan's sketchbook log: Sicily & Malta


Il Foro Romanoanother Assisian stairway to heavenRoman Holiday

After three weeks with St. Francis and friends, left my cozy apartment and took the train (with a ticket) back to Rome.

A thunderstorm an hour after my arrival had me a bit concerned that the Umbrian spring had followed me south, but then nothing but sun and 26 C for my entire stay.

Had heard reported on NPR that tourism in Italy was down 30% this year, but you couldn't have proven it by me. Piazza Navona (right) had its usual crowds. The Forum (top left and bottom) wasn't quite so busy, maybe because instead of being free, it's now a 12 euro charge.

Speaking of "Roman Holiday," they have signs up (maybe I just missed them before) celebrating famous Roman movies and directors. Made me wonder if I could get a "Sleepless in Seattle" sign put up on Alki...

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