Susan's sketchbook log: Sicily & Malta


Il Foro RomanoAlways Festive

Walking by a church, I saw a guy sweeping up some multicolored confetti and rice, after a wedding. The thought of that confetti found its way into a collage (left).

I spent more time than usual in the narrow cobbled streets Trastevere. By total luck found an unadvertised exhibit at the branch of the Museo di Roma there that was exhibiting 119 watercolors that a some guy did at the end of the 19th century when Rome was undergoing a humongous redevelopment (Tiber banks built, etc) so that the 'old' look (well, that seems a bit silly, but...) could be preserved on paper. I staggered out some hours later, stunned by the work; the guy could sure lay down a wash.

Also stumbled across the Trastever market (below) in Piazza San Cosimato. Had a lovely cold "cappucco" while I painted the view from the caffe.

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