Susan's sketchbook log: Sicily & Malta


Il Foro RomanoVilla Borghese

Also spent a fair amount of time in the Villa Borghese. Looking at the panoramic view (below), I suddenly -- duh -- realized that there were no still no ugly glass business towers marring the Roman skyline -- that the view, largely of domes and tile roofs, would possibly look pretty much the same to the Borgias in 2009.

The National Gallery of Modern Art, housed in a palatial neo-Classical building there, was having a super show of Cy Twombly, which was cool -- as was the post-visit cappuccino on the terrace of the Caffe, where the air was perfumed by designer fragrances -- the elite were definitely meeting and greeting.

One of the best parts of my looong stay in Italy was that I had time to do things besides sightsee. So, I also took in a Sonia Delauney show at the Graphics Institute (homage, at left).

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