Susan's sketchbook log: Sicily & Malta


Rome collageOcher, burnt sienna, rose

Color, color, stunning color.

The cobblestones and old architecture is, of course, fun, and I love sketching it all -- talk about geometry and perspective lessons! But after a long, extra-gray Seattle winter/spring and the delicate glow of Assisi's Mount Subasio pink limestone, the colors of Rome were literally breathtaking.

More than once I took a photo of a non-descript building and would get a curious look from a passerby ("What the hell is so interesting?"), and it was just for the color.

At least, I THINK it was the color stealing my breath; maybe it was crossing a street in Roman traffic with three espressos flowing through my veins! Or possibly the "bacio" gelato at the Gelateria la Palma, where they won't serve it in a cone because that would degrade the flavor.

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