Susan's sketchbook log: Banff


The Castle in the Rockies

Fairmont Banff Springs HotelIt took me most of my stay to finally figure this place out. Towards the end of my stay, and fairly confident, I saw a couple with luggage and a glazed look and asked if I could help.

"I've been here a week, " I said, to explain my expertise.

"Have you found your room yet?" he asked. "Do the restaurants give you crumbs so you can leave a trail?" What a crack up.

Later, I overheard an older Englishwoman saying to her companion with glee, "It's just like a Harry Potter movie, isn't it?"

And then there was the guy complaining, "This place has old rooms. We should have stayed in Banff. I HATE old rooms." Sooo, I wanted to ask, you booked into a hotel that is over 100 years old and has it's own historian expecting...??

Speaking of which, I had to go on the hotel tour offered by said Historian. He was full of stories about the rich and famous. Prince Philip figured prominently in more than one; he obviously had a fan.

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