Susan's sketchbook log: Cuba


At home with papa

Can't go to Cuba without seeing where Ernest Hemingway lived. La Finca Vigia (below) was a fair drive from central Havana, so not sure how he managed it (apparently in something like the 55 Chrysler they are in the process of acquiring to put in the garage here), what with his favorite watering holes there.

You can't go inside the house, but peer in through doors and windows to see it exactly as he left it. Animal trophy heads aside, it has a really airy, lovely feel and look to it.

booksellers in Plaza de Armas, Old Havana

Apparently his wife took a saw to the ceiba tree (at right) while EH was gone once, and he came back and really had a fit. The ceiba is sacred to Santeria, and rumor had it Papa dabbled in it.

After the finca, we went back by the bay and ate if not at, then next to, one of Hemingway's favorite restaurants. The view back to Old Havana was great, though the bay was not as blue as the rum cocktails with curacao they welcomed us with.

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