Susan's sketchbook log: Cuba


Coming full circle

Cafe CienfuegosOur first dinner in Cienfugos was in the old Yacht Club, now the Café Cienfuegos (left), a convenient 5-minute stroll from the hotel, and another very glamorous building

On our last day, we ended where we'd begun: with Ché. This time it was the mausoleum with his remains, a museum dedicated to his life and the large memorial (below). Oscar told us the mausoleum and museum were 'sacred ground': no hats, no bags, no talking.

No one knew if they would let me sketch, so I took in the notebook. Wasn't a problem, though the guard that came up behind me to check out if I was drawing scared me half to death.

That completes this sketchbook. I'd go back to Cuba in a heartbeat -- if I could spend long days just hanging out and painting, with an Afro-Cuban soundtrack and a cortadito cooling... and maybe that same cherry-colored '54 Ford taxi we took to give me a ride back to the hotel.




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