Susan's sketchbook log: Dr. Sketchy


"and poses with ease... "

Tamara the Trapeze LadyOf course we drove host Jasper crazy. He tried to lure us, with only limited success, into inserting Care Bears and airplanes into our sketches, offering fabulous prizes such as George Bush tp.

And then was dumbfounded when "the serious art crowd" was so involved with drawing Tamara's curves that we failed to properly applaud, hoot and holler for her pasties.

To each their own: I think we were duly appreciative of beautifully held poses!

And the music! A surreal mix of Henry Mancini, Ennio Morricone and many others somehow provided the perfect soundtrack to the event.

I just hope Dr. Sketchy's Seattle doesn't become such a success that I can't get a ticket for next month's session.


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