Susan's sketchbook log: Dr. Sketchy


"She flies through the air... "

Tamara the Trapeze LadyCheers! to my new painting buddy Ann for turning me on to Dr. Sketchy's, the "anti art school" or " what happens when cabaret meets art school." A phenomenon that began in New York and is now springing up all over, including in Seattle.

It's a really cool way to give burlesque performers and other artistes another source of income and to give artists a different kind of model and venue.

Luckily we got table reservations early -- this second session, at the Rendezvous JewelBox Theater in Belltown -- was sold out. Word travels fast.

And, it turned out, with good reason! What a gas! Tamara the Trapeze Lady turned out to be a splendid artist's model and her poses, whether five minutes or twenty, on the trapeze or off, were really fun to draw and paint.

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