Susan's sketchbook log: Nice and the Cote d'Azur




laundry, Nice

Did you know Nice was part of Italy (or what would become Italy) until 1860, when its citizens decided to throw their lot in with France?

In many ways, you can take Nice out of Italy, but you can't take...

So, at left, the de riguer hanging laundry sketch.



cafeAnd a view from La colline du château (the "Castle Hill" that provides killer views) of Rossetti Street, home of Fenocchio's famous gelato. I skipped the tomato-basil, and went for lavender and cinnamon and candied chestnuts on various occasions. They were all tasty and a great excuse to just hang out in Place Rossetti, listen to the really good classical guitar busker invariably there, and people watch.

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