Susan's sketchbook log: Only a  Cretin couldn't love Crete


Cathedral Rock from Red Rock Crossing




Sunday morning at church

Well, at Cathedral Rock anyway. Viewed from Red Rock Crossing, on the old Crescent Moon Ranch property, this is considered to be THE view. Not to mention another vortex site. There were a couple of Japanese women sitting in lotus positions and meditating. Nobody else seemed to be quite as serious about it.

Oak Creek wasn't hardly flowing; a couple of days of rain before I arrived didn't make much of a dent in years of drought. Anyway, not much of a reflection in the water of Cathedral Rock to be sketched. But the pale spring green of the cottonwoods was wonderfu.

As I was leaving, a group of four older ladies was walking in. One asked, "Did you have 'an experience?"

"No, " I replied, "I'm afraid I'm leaving the same person as I arrived."

"Well, probably you just don't need to improve," one of them told me. Yep, that must be it.

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