Susan's sketchbook log: Only a  Cretin couldn't love Crete


Pink Jeep at 40 degree angle on boulders




If It Ain't Broken...

I was told you 'have to' do one of the four-wheelin' Jeep tours, so I went on the popular Pink Jeep "Broken Arrow" tour. Their brochure says "Eyes open wide on this fun-filled adventure that leads you on and over the red rocks while the magnificent canyon walls surround you."

"Eyes closed tight" is more like it! I truly didn't believe even Jeeps could go at such angles over such terrain. This sketch was done after my hands had (mostly) stopped quivering. But when my eyes WERE open, the vistas were incredible.

The trail is open to anybody out for thrills. Erv, our driver, showed us the marks where some 4x4 had recently rolled over. Not a place AAA would come tow you out of either.

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