Susan's sketchbook log: India


Preserved in Amber

Elephants entering Amber FortThe first thing to know about Amber Fort is that it is pronounced "Ameer." The second is that, the structure known as Amber Fort today was initially a palace complex within the original fort of Amber that is today known as Jaigarh Fort.

While I can't stop drawing the imposing and rugged outer structure, Amber Fort's interior is totally different: ornate and lavish, influenced by both Hindu and Mughal styles of ornamentation.

To reach it, you can either take a jeep up through the narrow, congested streets of Amer, or ride an elephant in through the gate.

Or, for a really amazing view of its layout, you can have a cup of masala chai and then clamber into a hot air balloon beside Maota Lake at dawn and sail over both Amber Fort and Jaigarh Fort, the garrison higher up on the ridge... and scare the cows and camels below out of their wits!

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